Now Seeking Submissions for our Next Issue!


Humans are impressionable. For Monologging’s Autumn 2022 edition we are seeking stories and artwork that explore the theme of Influence. Who influences us? What compels a person to urge another to follow their lead, and when we follow? What questions of morality arise from these relationships?

In the “Information Age” at least 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are produced online daily, and the digital universe doubles in size every 2 years. Provocateurs haunt social media. Many individuals feel increasingly vulnerable and obscure as social movements shame dissent. Others succumb to apathy, overwhelmed by world events. Doomers sense a spiral. Contradictory and divisive narratives have been a recipe for despair, and yet there is dawning enlightenment. Networking has never been easier. Brave questions and ideas have led to bold societal reimagining. Optimists see a renaissance around the corner. As new technologies disrupt antiquated systems, at every turn we’re apt to ask; who is steering? Who has influence and do they use it for good? Will our enhanced communications capability, and the collaborative humanity these leaps are spawning truly liberate the future from the trappings of the past?

Our 2022 edition will be an exploration of the realms of influence, a profound meditation on evolving online ethics and etiquette as well as a quest to celebrate the lives of friends, neighbors, loved ones and mentors who have been our most devoted anchors, advocates, muses and guides.

*In the spirit of Monologging, collaborative multimedia submissions are always encouraged.

To submit your work for consideration, please follow the below links  according to your writing or artistic interest.

*Only .doc, .docx and PDF formats are accepted for written work. JPG and PNG files are acceptable for media content.

Fiction / Creative Nonfiction Guidelines: 

1.) Compose a story, prose piece, essay or interview of 6K words or less.

2.) Provide a brief bio and any short explanatory notes you feel are relevant. (350 words max).

3.) Submit your work and cover letter via submittable.

*Note: All submissions are subject to review. Only entries approved by our editorial staff will be published.

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.