Now Seeking Submissions for our 

Spring '19 City vs. Rural Themed Issue!

*SUBMIT FREE * is always interested in new voices... This fall & winter, short stories no longer than 4,000 words will be considered alongside poetry, (5 pages maximum,) by the monologging community. Writers and poets are invited to craft and submit works that ponder our City vs. Rural theme, offering new perspectives. Worthy pieces will receive editorial feedback. Selected works will be included in our Spring '19 edition of the magazine. 

* Why City vs Rural? *

The contrast between city and rural lifestyles has perhaps never been so stark, raising new social, economic, and political questions concerning how we coexist. To what extent are humans challenging, if not altering their primal nature by flocking to urban centers? Likewise, do we limit our horizons when we choose a pastoral existence? Are the boundaries of these two distinct landscapes still relatively fluid? Or are the suburbs an increasingly rigid bulwark sorting city slicker from country bumpkin? Monologging seeks a window into both perspectives, and to highlight the essential human transience that prompts our lifelong wandering between such distinct landscapes. Vivid imagery and writing  depicting the aesthetics and breadth of experiences that individuals acquire when living in either environment will illuminate our Spring '19 issue. 

*Only .doc, .docx and PDF formats are accepted. Before submitting, please let your words pile up, choose your best, edit and review. To submit your work for consideration, please follow the below links  according to your writing interest.

Fiction Guidlines:
1.) Compose a story of 4,000 words or less.
2.) Compose a brief cover letter explaining who you are and how your piece relates to our judgment theme, (350 words max).
3.) Submit your work and cover letter via submittable.

*Note: All submissions are subject to community review. Only entries approved by our editorial staff will be published.

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.